Hello! Happy Winter Solstice – let’s remember:

I’ve always loved getting out to enjoy the beautiful winter season as a child, and even now as an adult.

When I was little, I spent hours and hours at the ice skating rink at Stodden Park near my house in Butte, Mont. Or I had my mom drop me and some friends off at one of the rinks across town.

Winter solstice celebration tonight!
Winter solstice celebration tonight! Learn more here.

My dad always tells a story about how proud he was of me the first time I strapped on some ice skates. He’ll tell you I went all the way around the speed skating rink by myself. I think I was around 5 or 6 years old.

But when I wasn’t ice skating, I was sled riding down the hill at the Oregon Street overpass (hello Sarah Wixsten in heaven) or making a snowman or snow angels in the new fallen snow. I still remember coming into the house with red stinging fingers from the cold.

Now, my extra time is still full of wintertime activities like snowmobiling, snowshoeing or even walking in Washoe Park in Anaconda. I like the chill of the wind on my cheeks and crisp air in my lungs – along with a nice hot bath when I’m done (I am known for my three-hour baths).

Fresh powder – truly, it’s hard to think of anything more beautiful than being outdoors in a blanket of untouched snow. I love it best when snow crystals reflect in the low-lying sun on a frosty but clear blue cloudless day.

The sun can be deceiving when looking out the window on these blue sky days. I’ll admit, the temperature has to be at least 10 above (20 degrees even better) before I willingly wander outside my house. As any cold-weather enthusiast knows, it takes just a little creative layering to be out in the extremes. I feel as if I’ve become an expert!

Winter Solstice celebration tonight!

Reminiscing winter and all the fun I’ve encountered over the years brings me to a more spiritual side of my story. During the last few years, wintertime has definitely taken on a new meaning for me.

The darkest day of the year, Winter Solstice is also the first day the sun begins to lighten the Northern hemisphere. I like to think of Winter Solstice as a spark that reignites the light within me.

On this first day of the season, I celebrate by remembering, letting go – and sending my wishes for the New Year to the universe.

My new-season wish is as simple as writing a letter, lighting a fire and setting the letter to flames with a prayer. Manifestation at its best, I say. And of course a beautiful pathway for all the hard work to come in the New Year!

I would love for you to join me for the return of the light.

Myself and my friend, Glory Blue Earth-Highley, are holding our third annual Winter Solstice celebration tonight. It’s at my favorite spot in Washoe Park in Anaconda. To get there, go to the main playground on Pennsylvania Avenue and follow the path to the bridge just before the creek. We’ll begin at 6 p.m.

Of course I have some snacks planned (hot chocolate and popcorn). Or feel free to bring a snack you’d like. And as an extra special treat, we plan on starting 2017 with a sky lantern lighting. Ooooh, wishes, friends and cool pictures. Can’t wait!!!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Lots of love & light,

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