Heal your life with Chakras

Heak your life with chakras
Heal your life with Chakras – A tool that tells about the characteristics of the seven Chakras.

There’s a ton of information out there all about Chakras.

They’re beautiful energy centers that surround your body. Below find a snippet of the basic characteristics in the ‘Heal your life with Chakras’ tool. You can download it to help you start discovering the characteristics of your Chakras. Perhaps you’ll recognize some of the characteristics in yourself.

Click here to download ‘Heal your life with Chakras’ tool.

What exactly are Chakras?

Chakras are spinning energy centers that radiate from your body. The seven major Chakra points (along with several others) that help build your unique energy field. Each point relates to different aspects of your life. Chakras take in and send out energy from the front and back of your body. While each of your Chakras have a set baseline, they’re not the same every day. If you’re feeling less than optimal, your Chakras may need a little attention. It’s best to gradually balance your Chakras a little at a time. Find exercises below to help:

Energize with these exercises:

The purpose of each exercise is to help cleanse the energy that surrounds your body and your Chakras. Activating these points helps increase the vibration of your energy, allowing for positive thoughts and feelings, extra endurance and health of your physical body and the energy that surrounds your body. These exercises can be performed on a daily basis and are a great addition to your total health care package.

Energize with tapping

  1. Starting at your feet, begin tapping your body. Continue moving up your body until your reach the top of your head. Tap your body with your fingers, palm of your hands or fists. Tap gently or with fervor. Feel free offer extra tapping to your Chakra points.
  2. Wipe the energy down to the ground on the front, back and left and right side of your body. Imagine the old energy melting into the earth.

Chakra Energetics

First imagine the chakra (see the “Heal your life Chakras’ tool to get started). Perform the exercise that matches the Chakra you’re working on below. Then check in again to notice the difference. Perform Chakra Energetics any time you feel unbalanced and need a little pick up throughout your day. Start with the Root chakra and move your way up. Or just do one or two at a time. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds to one minute.

  1. Root – Action: Jump up and down like an orangutan. Sound: Grunt like an orangutan.
  2. Sacral – Action: Move your hips in a figure 8. Sound: Moan with “Ah” sound.
  3. Solar plexus – Action: Jump up and down, pulling hand to center as you land. Sound: Create a short “I” sound.
  4. Heart – Action: Row your arms. Sound: Say “ah yes” while rowing.
  5. Throat – Action: Tilt head back and shape your mouth like an “O.” Sound: Create a long “O” sound.
  6. Third eye – Action: Place your tongue on top of mouth. Sound: Push air out through nose. Stop this exercise before you become dizzy.
  7. Crown – Action: Bring arms over your head breathing in through your nose. Sound: Breath out swiftly through your mouth moving your arms to the ground.

Chakra Energetics reprinted with permission from Bear McKay, McKay Method of Energy Healing.