Living in the Light Energy of freedom

I feel like I haven’t unpacked my suitcase since March. I’ve put many miles on my car rambling across Montana and surrounding states. Traveling and exploring are something I love doing regularly. It’s my way of accessing my space of freedom.

When I say freedom, I don’t mean the 4th of July-type freedom, but rather a freedom in the feeling of being light and at peace.

Here’s what I mean:

Close your eyes, and imagine all of your senses being activated. You’re in the now, with no constraints from the past and future. You’re totally and completely in your body, out of mind. The air you breath is weightless. The burden you hold on your shoulders released. The heat from the yellow sun tickles your face. Your heart beats ever so gently. Like a hug from inside, a sense of joy washes over you with a smile YOU ARE FREE!

For me, this feeling is something I can access just by hopping in the car and heading down the road. Doesn’t matter if it’s 30 or 1,000s of miles, I am at home in this freedom – from the vision of scenery as it passes by, to the sound of the music I play on my radio. Even the coffee I drink offers that special feeling.

I especially love it when this freedom leads me to beauties like the Beartooth Pass.

Freedom, meet the sky…

Summit of Beartooth Pass is 10,947 feet above sea level.

So far this year, my favorite new adventure is topping the Beartooth Pass bordering Montana and Wyoming. I was amazed by the unbelievable views at more than 10,947 feet above sea levelyes, there is a peak called Beartooth!

The land filled with lush green grass, blooming wild flowers and rocks jutting from the ground have a different texture than what is seen a few thousand feet lower. Even though it’s the beginning of July, icy snow is still frozen to the ground. Think Swiss Alps and The Sound of Music.

The winding Beartooth Pass runs along Montana Highway 212 and eventually ending up in Yellowstone Park.

Beartooth Pass runs along Montana Highway 212 off of I-90, eventually ending up in Yellowstone Park. It was fun looking down on the switchback highway while driving up the road. Plenty of turnouts were built into the highway to stop and admire the pristine beauty.

Looking forward to more adventure and freedom in Montana and beyond

Pictured right is a scene looking down on mountain lakes found just about the top of the Beartooth Pass (thought we were there, but it kept going and going). I look forward to going back and hiking around some of these lakes. A couple of my Facebook friends recommended the Beaten Path trail.

Not sure I’ll make it this summer, but perhaps the next. My bucket list keeps growing as I learn about these little corners of our world.

I think you always have to get out of the car to truly appreciate the land. Touch the grass. Feel the gravel below your feet. Smell and feel the air on your face. Appreciate the flowers. Of course take a few photos. You’ll always find something new where ever you go!

On to a new adventure next weekend, but until then!

Love and lots of Light!

P.S. Do you have a favorite destination where you feel freedom? Type your answer in the comments below this story. I look forward to hearing from you.


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