Nature is powerful, beautiful, non-judgmental, cleansing and magical

To me, being in nature is like a field trip for the soul. It’s a place to feel instant connection to creation. Colorful sunsets, bright full moons, talking trees, sparkling snow, ever changing landscapes, etc. — I love to breathe it all in, feeling the Earth move in all of its contrasts.

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You’ll often find me out walking the land capturing all its elements. I take photos of my adventures with my smart phone — now a Samsung S7. While I have 1,000s of photos saved, I share some of my most interesting on social media, mostly Instagram. It’s my favorite.

My share usually has real meaning behind the photo whether it be spending time with my family or friends, feeling into a beautiful scene or taking on an exciting new experience. I like to think that my photos show an honest, vulnerable piece of me not found anywhere else.

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“See” you soon! Thanks so much!