Reiki complements your full health care package.
Relax, recharge and carry on!


Light in every breath



Jacqueline Peterson is a certified reiki practitioner and has completed The McKay Method® Level 1.
Jacqueline Peterson, Light Energy Healing, is a Reiki practitioner and has completed The McKay Method® Level II, which is an advanced energy healing method.

I am into life-changing moments!

Turning to alternative healing methods was a natural fit for me. Curiosity and an open mind led me down several avenues. While meditation and self-chakra therapy were my first taste of energy healing, it was Reiki that turned my world upside down. I’ve submerged myself into a Reiki lifestyle since I was introduced to this loving energy and haven’t looked back!

Like you, I’ve found that it’s important to work on myself from every angle – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Because Reiki energy goes where healing is needed most, it’s been a welcome addition to my complete health care package. Reiki supports on a personal development level by helping me:

    • Rise to the next degree of confidence;
    • Release the past and push me toward a clear future;
    • Understand the person I want to be;
    • Work to build healthy boundaries;
    • Embrace a spiritual path that offers peace;
    • Meet like-minded people; and
    • Do work I love!

Best thing is that I get share all of this with you!

If you’d like to learn more, please feel free contact me at 406.491.2057 or

Two studio locations:
118 7th St., Anaconda, Montana
124 S. Montana St., Butte, Montana
Distance reiki is available.