Recipe to cure a busy mind

Perhaps you’ve considered ways you can bring more beauty into your life. I believe that it’s as easy as a walk in the park!

Like a lot of people, you’d probably agree that the beauty you’re looking for sometimes gets caught up as not-so-nice thoughts in your head. They range somewhere between guilt and worry. Really, all you want to do is release the thoughts and move on with your happy day!

Many ideas may come to mind about ways of letting go. The first step, however, is to recognize the busy pattern circulating in your head. More than likely, the past or future are running a marathon in your mind. When this happens, it’s time to do a little root chakra work.

Walk to connect the root

Working with the root chakra is all about connecting with the present – grounding yourself to the Earth. Heading out for a walk in nature is one of my favorite ways to access the present time.

Keep in mind that this root-connecting walk is not an aggressive power walk with your headphones cranked. Rather it’s a light walk that allows you to feel your feet beneath you, to take in the scenery, to hear the sounds of nature, to smell the sweet scent of the season. Being in nature and in the moment sends your stress and worries to the ground.

As you head out, be sure to gather in your own energy and imagine it hugging your body. As you begin, the excess mind maze will loosen, revealing magnificence right before you. Birds sing harmonious melodies. Wind sweeps through the leaves. Water trickles gently between the rocks. Clouds hang perfectly in the bright blue sky.

This is you — worries set aside — connecting with nature in the present time!

You’ll notice that after your walk you feel connected with your body rather than your mind, energized and refreshed with a different outlook. Perhaps you even have a solution! Who knew that a clear mind could be accessed in just a half hour? So I say, walk on people, walk on!

Love and lots of Light!

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